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Improving Organizational Culture

By measuring the current corporate culture, its main determining factors are quantified. After initiating important change and/or transformational processes, the efficacy of the new culture can be evaluated. Read more

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Leadership development and measuring the impact

Everyone has to develop his own Leadership for his or her professional mission. The way we behave and think has an effect on co-workers and the achievements of the organization.
Improving our behavior and way of thinking are a daily challenge. The question is: how well do we perform?  How can we improve leadership? By measuring leadership, unique insights into the impact of leadership can improve achievements. Read more

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Improving Teams

Develop consensus decision-making skills and promote constructive team environments. Read more

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Improving Customer Satisfaction

Strengthen your organization’s profitability and sustainability by discovering how it can improve customer service—and why! Read more
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Stress affects our life, from sleep and health to relationships, work performance and happiness.
It is heartbreaking to see how many people needlessly battle with stress while there are proven methods.


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